Great Lakes Aikido,

In Vernon Hills, IL is an open community dedicated to traditional martial art training. All are welcome, and beginners may start training at any time. We are located in the Corporate Woods business park, within the Cohen Brothers Judo Center.

Great Lakes Aikido is a member dojo of Aikido Shimbokukai, an association striving to bring people together for friendship and the exchange of experience and ideas through Aikido training. Aikido Shimbokukai is officially recognized by the Aikikai Foundation in Tokyo.


Tuesday Thursday Saturday
6:00-7:30pm   6:00-7:30pm   9:30-11:00am

To begin your training, or to visit us,

Just walk in or email us. We'll arrange for you to speak with an instructor, view a class, and begin your training program.

Membership and Monthly Dues

Dues for ongoing members are $90, payable at the begining of each month. Students are asked to make training commitments of at least 3 months.

Promotional Testing

is conducted several times a year. Rank promotions are registered with Aikido Shimbokukai and recognized by the Aikikai Foundation. New students are required to register with Aikido Shimbokukai by submitting a $50 fee at the time of the first test.